Viking Park Brand

We have created the Viking safe harbor brand for the Viking Park residential complex.

You know, you conceive an affection for such projects the most and by the whole team. After all, we started cooperation from the beginning of work on the construction site and have been continuing it for several years. This project is one of the largest in our portfolio.

Slogans, positioning, tone of voice of the residential complex, advertising campaigns and monthly videos on the construction process. Let's tell you about the entire case. But first, a few words about this unique architectural project.

Viking Park is a top-class business center and residential buildings that resemble ships in their architecture. This Scandinavian architecture dictated the name, and the name is the concept of housing with captain's decks - terraces in apartments and powerful infrastructure for Vikings of the XXI century within the complex.

And now more details about the case.

We started working on creating a website. You can view it here. At the same time, we developed visualizations for the residential complex - photorealistic images of the built house and business center. Through this visual, we wanted to convey the mood, values and special architecture of the Viking Park project.

Further, this visual material (visualizations) was placed in the brochure along with apartment layouts and text information with project positioning. So potential customers got a convenient opportunity to get acquainted with the residential complex.

To present the project's life-style, inform and be roughly on the same page with the target audience, we have created pages in Facebook and Instagram. These platforms have developed their own interactive ways of communication. We wrote stories about how the Vikings built an architectural ship in Lviv; held Sweepstakes of branded merch; talked about the "life" of construction with artistic photo reports; introduced potential customers to the project team through non-standard videos. 

Every month we worked out creative ideas for advertising campaigns in social networks and Google. To stand out, we created the face of the brand. The Viking Park brand ambassador was a red-haired girl, as a reference to the Vikings. We conducted several photo shoots and actively used this content in advertising, so that the project had a special mood and a human face which you want to be associate with.

You can also see the red-haired Viking on YouTube. Every month, our film crew creates new video reports on the construction site. We also shoot commercials and develop animations that show the project from different sides: from the location and apartment overview to the team that brings Viking Park to life.

We also provided media publicity. Advertising on radio, television and in leading Lviv publications.

You can also see Viking Park offline. Advertising billboards around the city, participation in the IT arena, where we presented the layout of the house, and we also branded public transport in the style of a residential complex.

To conclude we say a few words about merch. You can't do without it :) Besides, we're proud of it. After all, we designed branded eco-bags, paper cups, stylish notebooks with an embossed logo and even coloring books for the youngest Vikings. And as you may have noticed, this merch is designed to be useful for the owner and less harmful to nature. After all, the materials for its production are suitable for processing.