Architectural image.


The key to presenting and selling real estate is the architectural image. Appearance of the facility and its correct layout. We will develop a concept, a number of architectural and design solutions in accordance with a consistent philosophy and positioning. We will also take care of a "delicious" presentation by creating exclusive visualizations or using real photos and videos

Audit of architectural solutions. 
The service includes analysis of the master plan, buildings sitting, landscaping, internal planning of apartments/offices, and so on. This process is extremely necessary in order to make sure that your plans are justified and coincide with the request of potential buyers.

Development of an architectural concept.
 We will develop a holistic vision, architectural and design solutions that include the layout, appearance of the facility and landscape.

Architectural and interior visualization.
We will develop photorealistic visual images of a building or complex that will help you impress your target audience. Having detailed visualizations will also have a positive impact on sales, as it will help you and your customers now "see" what the space will look like after construction is completed.

Architectural and interior photography and video shooting.
Commercials, portfolio photos, scenic videos with infographics and actors. Our film crew will take care to show your facility in the right light and angle to the audience We have hundreds of videos under our belt for architects and designers.


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V12 branding and positioning +
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We will gladlyhelp your companywith the development ofa marketing strategy, architectural image or brand and identity. Please contact us!

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